Monday, June 18, 2012


Tomorrow is June 19.  It would have been Brian and I's 8th wedding anniversary.  I will be recovering from surgery.  I knew when I scheduled it for the 18th that I'd be doing that, and I was okay with that.  At least I don't have to think of something special to do.  I can lay in bed or on the couch and watch our wedding slideshow, maybe flip through some photos.  I don't really "celebrate" that day anymore, as much as I "observe" it.  I'm sure Sheldon will get to hear a story or two about our wedding day. 

I had five wedding anniversaries with Brian.  This is going to be my third without him.  It's not fair that our dreams for a future together were shattered.  Then again, life isn't fair.  No one is exempt from tragedy, no one protected from the harshest realities of life.  Every anniversary without him reminds me of that.

Count your blessings.  Show gratitude.  Appreciate what you have today.  Don't wait until tomorrow.  Love one another as fully as you can.

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  1. I hope your anniversary was filled with peace and sweet memories.