Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One of "Those" Couples

Sheldon and I went tubing with a group of friends from Austin this weekend.  This group of friends is great, not just because of the awesome time we always have either.  Some of this crew are people I count amongst my best friends, and we have the type of friendship where we can talk about anything and everything, and tell each other "I love you." 

(Me in the pink bikini in the back left; Sheldon is raising his drink in the back right)

During the float down the Blanco River (in San Marcos), there were times when all 18 of us -- yep, 18 -- and our 5ish cooler tubes were linked up in one big mass, an island of black rubber and tanning flesh floating downstream.  Other times, we'd drift off into smaller clans or even clusters of 2-3 people.  Twice, I had really cool conversations that left me feeling blessed, content, and that reinforced my decision to move to Texas....in case the recreational opportunities weren't reason enough!

Once, a male friend was talking to Sheldon and me about how life in San Antonio was treating us, what was new, etc.  He asked how "we" were doing, and I said we were great, of course.  He said, "You know, we talk about you guys all the time.  It's so obvious that you're crazy about each other.  What you guys have is rare."  I had to think about that for a while.  I mean, I know I'm lucky to have him.  We know we're ridiculously happy together, and we can see that a lot of other people don't feel that way.  Still, it was cool to hear someone else say that they could clearly see from the outside what we feel toward each other within our lives and our relationship.  Apparently we're one of "those" couples.

The second conversation was more of a one-on-one.  A newer friend, but still someone with whom I have bonded deeply, was talking to me about the blog.  She is a blogger as well, and we shared with each other our thoughts on one another's blogs and life journeys.  We both had remembered specific things the other person had written that inspired us, motivated us, or that we learned from -- lessons and messages that we carry with us in our separate lives and worlds, just because we know each other and are writers.  That was a cool moment, to recognize the impact we can have with our words.  Thanks, Erin.  (http://worldaccordingtoerin.com/)

What a fun, meaningful day.  And I even got a tan!


  1. was a great day and great to talk to you. and it's true - we DO talk about you guys constantly, and how wonderful the two of you are. thanks for the shout out, gorgeous. love you

  2. It definitely is a different world being a widow. I can relate-lost my husband to a sudden heart attack 3 years ago he was 48. He was an avid weight trainer and in excellent shape not an ounce of fat on his body. I thought he was superman. I am now in a relationship and my boyfriend is moving in with me. I have been torn between my daughter (who is 31) and my mother-in-law who has been like my mother since I met my husband at the age of 17. We were married 29 years. I love your post. I has made me realize that the feelings I am going through are not only experienced by me. I finally feel like I am moving foward and not stuck in the past and wishing to have my old life back. It has been a hurdle but I am loving my new life and my boyfriend has been very special to me. Good luck to you.