Sunday, June 10, 2012

To Have and To Hold

It's June, and wedding season has begun!  Brian and I must have gone to at least 25 weddings together (that's a very conservative estimate, by the way).  In our last year together, I remember having something like 5 weddings in two months.  Since he died, I've been to three.    The first was just a reception, the wedding having occurred in another state.  It was a good prepper for the next, which was more emotional because it was a small wedding of some very close friends, and I did a reading that meant a lot more to me because of what I've experienced, and the way my marriage with Brian turned out. 

Now it's time for Sheldon's friends to start getting married, and for us to start the cycle again.  This weekend, Sheldon and I went to our first wedding together, and the first of three "destination weddings" we have scheduled in the next six months.  Okay, technically, only one of the three is being held away from where the bride and groom live, but they are all a long car ride or a plane ride away from San Antonio, so they are "destination weddings" to us.

This weekend was one of the only times I haven't cried at a wedding, oddly enough.  I guess part of it might be that I'm not particularly close to the couple and didn't know many people there.  Still, I felt oddly detached.  I could appreciate all the beautiful touches that went into this country-themed affair -- a background of mesquite trees and with a rustic alter, church pews set up outside, bridesmaids wearing antique lace dresses and cowboy boots, etc.  There was a lot of personality, detail, and love everywhere you turned.  It was a very nice wedding. 

I don't know why I wasn't more affected by the vows, the tearful speeches, or anything else.  I guess that's progresss.....?

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