Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No Clever Title

I have been missing Brian a lot lately.  I've been dreaming about him (I did it again last night), thinking about the advice or insight he would have for given situations, wondering what he would think about all my choices since he died (some I know to be poor choices, some I know to be right, and some for which the jury is out).  I just want to talk to him again.  I miss how he could read anyone, how he would cut to the truth of the matter, even when it was an ugly truth. He was smart, insightful, intuitive, and wise.  I miss his opinions, even though I sometimes hated them and disagreed strongly. 

I can't stop thinking about how I can talk to him.  I've been thinking about going to a medium.  I've been reading about after-death communications.  To be honest, I'm hurt that he hasn't come to me.  I mean, I know he has shown himself in different ways -- in dreams, by song, the guitar pick I found in the most unlikely place, etc -- but I am wondering why he hasn't just appeared to me to talk to me, straight up.  Doesn't he know how much I want that, how much I need that? 

I guess I am a little lonely in San Antonio.  I don't have many friends here, and I am missing my friend Brian an awful lot lately.


  1. Wendy, I have wondered since 2005 why my best friend in the world, my grandmother, has never shown up to talk to me either. Especially during some really tough times. I guess I am hoping that wherever she and Brian are is incredibly good, and that they know we are ok and see the bigger picture for us, and know that we can make it.


  2. I wonder this all the time. I'd give anything to look over and see him standing there. I don't think you can live in both physical and spirit world. Brian lives in Heaven now. My theory is he can only come in dreams or do things like the guitar pick but he can't show himself to us anymore. We should appreciate what he can do, because I know he is doing all that he possibly can. When it is my time to go, I really hope Brian is one of the first people I see. :)
    Love Sissy