Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Minor Change to the Blog

I've taken my last name off my blogger profile, so those who find the blog by doing a Google search of my first and last name might not be able to find it that way for much longer.  That is sort of the hope, as I'm trying to keep my blog world and my dating world separate, at least until I start dating one person seriously and feel comfortable sharing this.  Right now, a Google search of my first and last name pulls this site up for the first several links, and that is a cause of concern for me in terms of dating.  I want to be in control of how much I share, and I don't want someone to search my name and then show up to a first date knowing that I'm new at dating, that I'm blogging about that, etc.  Obviously, I'm not going to lie or hide things, but I also don't want someone to essentially read my diary before we even meet!

Though I don't regret blogging, and I plan to keep writing, it might present some interesting situations in the dating realm....we'll see if this step helps.  Sorry for the inconvenience to my readers, but the protection it provides for my privacy and future are worth the trade-off!

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