Saturday, October 9, 2010

House, Episode Seven

This week's episode begins a little slowly, but picks up a lot at the end!

This week, Wendy does some more sorting, selling, and cleaning. In between, however, she also does some reading, some writing, some crying, some running, and some socializing. These take away from the "House" part, which is clearly the most important part of the show...

Then, Wendy's parents come to the rescue! With their help (or, with them doing most of the work while Wendy does dishes and laundry and loads up the truck with thrift store donations), the following gets done: 1) Wendy's dad power washes the deck and concrete slab outside, which makes a WORLD of difference; 2) Wendy's mom paints the ceiling in the living room; 3) Wendy's dad preps the garage ceiling for a fresh coat of paint (some was chipping and falling off); and 4) Wendy's mom removes some wallpaper from her bathroom (formerly Brian's bathroom -- the one off the master bedroom) and paints a wall in that room.

The best part is that this episode is "To be continued..."

Expect more big progress next week!

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