Monday, September 13, 2010

House, Episode 3

[The WB sincerely apologizes for the delay in broadcast of this episode.]

In this week's episode, Wendy has a scheduled "work night" with Andy & McKenzie, a couple who are high school sweethearts from small town Iowa and who now reside in Waukee. Andy and Brian met at ING and bonded over their shared loves of mixed martial arts, music, and barbecue. However, Wendy is not very prepared for their visit, having a full day of lunch with co-workers, afternoon coffee and dessert with Lisa the college friend, and an early happy hour at High Life Lounge with those co-workers that ends in a minor parking lot fender bender that, surprisingly, is NOT Wendy's fault.

Andy, McKenzie and their daughter Brianna (who, though Brian enjoyed teasing Andy about this, was NOT named after him) arrive ready to roll up their sleeves and work -- which, in Brianna's case involves entertaining herself with an Elmo DVD in the other room. Wendy decides the best task for the night would be painting a wall in the dining room that had gotten dinged up the prior week. Within minutes, the ladder is out (with protective padding added to prevent further damage) and up and the couple is taping and painting away. It should be noted that this involves standing on top of cupboards and working from a ladder 13' feet from the ground. Encouraged to tackle another task, Wendy is able to do a few more craigslist postings to cut down the clutter around the house.

Also, in this week's episode, Wendy continues to care for a kitten she encountered while on a training run last week. She totes this little furball -- known for now as "Mittons" -- to the vet two times for necessary tests, vaccines, treatments for ear mites and worms, and to be spayed and declawed. While this new addition to the house is being introduced, another member is leaving. Wendy's roommate moves out this week too, in a series of steps.

[Stay tuned for next week's episode, which will return to its normal Friday time slot.]

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