Friday, September 3, 2010

House, Episode 2

In this week's installment:

Wendy amasses a landscape crew to help her with yard work on Sunday. Ellie, Joy, Bobby & Kristine all come over at various times Sunday to pull weeds, trim bushes, cut plants back, tend to the garden, and clean out the shed and garage. Pat the Roommate joins in upon his return from his third out-of-town wedding in a row. The work is completed in good time and the group enjoys a bounty harvest at the Pizza Ranch buffet in Waukee.

Brian's friend Travis, who met Brian while they worked together at Sears, was an usher in Brian & Wendy's wedding, came over to help with some handy-man chores one morning. Despite a light rain, Travis fixes a gate that was dragging and sticking on the ground, cuts down two trees that had sprung up behind the shed, and installed two mailboxes (a new one for Wendy and a matching one for her neighbor, whose mailbox is attached to the same post. That afternoon, Wendy pays the favor forward by spending four hours helping friends move.

Wednesday, another group effort occurs. First, Wendy's friend Kay (who came into the circle by dating and then marrying Brian's friend and ex-Sears co-worker (and current stand-up comic) Greg comes over and the two ladies clean, do laundry, and sort through and photograph items for Craigslist postings. Greg comes over after work and gets to work on the ice maker on the fridge, staying true to the task until it is fixed! Brian's brother Jeremy and Roommate Pat join the club after they are off work and the guys then install a new ceiling fan in the dining room/kitchen, which is interesting because the vaulted ceiling is approximately 20 feet tall and the power has to be out to that entire level of the house. Jeremy balances on the cut-out portion of the wall between the kitchen and dining room while Wendy stands atop the kitchen cupboards to lend a hand and a flashlight for the actual installation. Then, the five enjoy a dinner of grilled pork, vegetables, and macaroni. Several bottles of wine, draws of beer, and a cigar are enjoyed along with some great conversation and hearty laughs.

This episode closes with a visit from Becky (whose husband, Chad, works at ING). Wendy and Becky go through the mail, pay bills, and do some light cleaning. They are assisted by Wendy's sister Laura, who has just arrived for a weekend visit.

Stay tuned for the next episode....

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