Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Austin Celebrity Sighting!

See the redhead with the fedora in his hand? Anyone recognize him? That is Jesse Plemons, who plays Landry Clarke on Friday Night Lights (the critically acclaimed TV series, not the movie that inspired it). It is a favorite show of mine, so I was stoked to see him sitting outside, enjoying live jazz at a coffee shop on South Congress.

FYI, Friday Night Lights is filmed in and around Austin, so I'm hoping for more cast sightings! I already saw Ray's BBQ, which is a shooting location featured heavily in the show.

And, to answer your anticipated questions....no, I did not ask for his autograph or for a picture with me. I thought I would be that kind of person, but I just couldn't. He was enjoying a leisurely Sunday with friends (and seemed to be into that cute blonde girl!), and I just didn't want to bother him or create a scene. Just getting this picture was enough. In the right circumstances, though, I might have been "that girl" who asks for a picture.

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