Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Years and Counting...

Today's marks three years since Brian's passing.  The day was so awful, so painful, so surreal.  It will forever be burned into my being.

Still, more than that day, I will always remember him.  Here is what I posted on Facebook today:

"It's hard to believe three years have passed since we've heard you laugh, seen you smiling and playing air guitar, or felt your arms around us. I miss your voice, your zest for life, your common sense and quick wit, your musical stylings, ...the way my head fit in that space in your chest, and laughing until we cried. I thank you for loving me, for sharing your life with me, and for making me a better person. Brian Steven Boka, 12/16/78 - 1/17/10....but with us always.
Those of you who knew Brian should do something fun and indulgent to remember him today. Those of you who didn't....well, he'd want you to do the same! Honor him by enjoying whiskey, wine, music, your favorite foods, playing Rock Band, spending time with friends, board games, cuddling with pets, watching silly YouTube videos, playing some vinyl, or having great sex."
I am having trouble posting pictures for some reason, but I also put up several pics on FB that were some of my favorites, that captured his spirit and joy.
More on this day, and lots of other stuff, to come soon....
In the meantime, enjoy life!  Brian did that as much and as well as anyone you'd ever hope to meet.  I plan to honor him by continuing to do just that, along with a bottle of one of his favorite wines.

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  1. I was about two years older than you when my husband passed.
    I am in a relationship as well. Do you feel that you compare Brian to your current boyfriend? Do you feel like you will ever feel truly satisfied with what you have?
    I am not sure if you plan on marrying your current boyfriend but would you still have a big wedding etc.? I am so torn on so many things, thanks for writing.