Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekend Warrior

A couple weekends ago, Sheldon and I went to a lake house for the weekend with five other people about our age.  It is the family cabin of a friend of his.  We had some rain, and some sun.  We enjoyed drinks, games, grilling, and swimming.  It was a very good time, and I really enjoyed meeting those folks (3 of the other 5) that I hadn't met before.  One thing that made this experience different?  I spent that much time in close quarters with those people, with lots of conversation and getting-to-know-you talk to fill the time, without once mentioning that I was a widow.  It felt good to just be Wendy, not a widow who is "recovering" or "rebuilding."  I was just me.  No awkward moments, filled with stammering condolences from someone who never knew my husband.  No uncomfortable silence wondering how to change the topic, or with each person mentally reviewing the words they'd previously spoken, hoping they hadn't uttered anything that would offend me.  I kind of felt like a normal young person, out at a cabin, having fun.

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  1. To wendy,i have read and felt exactly what you feel..i lost my wife some years ago and iam a business man,this almost ruined my efforts towards work,but with the help of church members and friends i was able to a relief.. keep your head up..
    perry hamilton