Monday, July 16, 2012

Update on my Kitty Situation

After writing about my problems here, I posted a link to that post onto my Facebook page and asked my friends for their thoughts and suggestions.  After seeing the comments & suggestions of my FB friends and blog readers, I was inspired to keep working at a solution, or at least to keep handling things for a while longer. 

Over the weekend, I deep cleaned all the litter boxes (as in, emptied them and cleaned them with the hose and dishsoap), got a couple new kinds of litter to try, bought more pheromore plug-ins, got a "calming collar," and I plan to buy and install a kitty door so everyone can go in and out freely.  FYI -- for now, we have 5 indoor and 1 outdoor litter box, with 3 types of litter to see what is the preferred kind. 

I also am going to re-examine Ellie's vet records to see when the last time she had an x-ray and cat scan was, which would be needed to rule out something more serious than an UTI (which we know is not the case from prior vet visits). 

Thanks, everyone!


  1. Hello Wendy
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