Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Our backyard is full of activity -- a family of birds with a nest full of babies has settled into the birdhouse high above the fenceline next to the tree, squirrels are coming over the fence for corn from our squirrel feeder (a gift to Antonio from Brian's parents), flowers and trees are blooming, the rose bush is growing up its lattice nicely.  The cats all enjoy the backyard too, in their own ways.  Mittons has been hiding in the bushes, trying to catch lizards.  Picaboo watches birds closely, prowling toward them when she's feeling brave.  Ellie enjoys chattering away at the birds...from a safe distance away, of course. 

The sights and sounds of spring are so beautiful.  I'm lucky.  Life does go on - and that's a blessing.

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