Monday, January 23, 2012

Short But Sweet

I wrote my last post last Tuesday, the two-year anniversary of Brian's passing.  I wrote in the morning, so I didn't get to tell my readers how the rest of the day went.

My cat had to go in to the vet for an enema.  Gross, and inconvenient, but she is doing fine now.  I'm just glad she's back to her normal, lazy, bossy self!

"Antonio" and I went out for lunch (tried a place we hadn't gone before) and played mini golf while she was at the vet's office.  That night, we just hung out and watched tv and had dinner at home.

That whole day, and the day before, I was full of emotions, mostly negative -- dread, sadness, regret, fear, longing, etc.  It made for a long and hard couple of days, and I know I couldn't have been really easy to deal with and live with in that time.  I snapped at Antonio a couple times, for things that either weren't his fault, or weren't worth snapping about.  But he knew what was really going on, why I was upset, and he called me on it.  We faced that time, and those challenges, together, in an open and honest way.  That helped so much.

As January 17th drew to a close, I took a few minutes to stop what I was doing and hold my love in an embrace.  I thanked him for being by my side and helping me through the hard times.  "We made it," I said.  "We made it through today.  You did great.  We did great."

The road is still bumpy, but it helps to have someone holding my hand.

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