Thursday, November 10, 2011

Run Baby Run!

I'm running a half marathon this weekend -- the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in San Antonio.  What will make this race different for me -- other than the fact that I haven't trained very well -- is that it will be my first time running with a significant other.  Two of my friends from Austin, Antonio and I will all be participating in this 13.1 mile voyage through the streets of San Antonio, dotted with rock 'n roll acts along the course (the, ahem, "star" of the show is Vince Neil from Motley Crue....let's just hope he's still as good behind the mike as he is at getting himself arrested).

As I've been training with Antonio, I've had a chance to think about how different it is training with a romantic partner.  For one, he's made me a lot faster.  I usually try to keep up with him, even though I don't have to -- he makes a habit of turning back to check on me and looping back to let me catch up and we plan where we will meet up to finish the run together if we get separated.  Another fun thing about running with him is that I enjoy the visual aspect of watching him run ahead of me.  He looks sexy in his sweatband, gym shorts, and headphones.  The stud factor and the positive impact on my training would be reason enough to keep running together, but the big thing is that I just enjoy being with him.  It's great that we can enjoy doing this and being healthy together.  It is fun to discover new ways to spend time and bond with a partner, and this is especially a treat for me because this relationship is the first one I've entered as an adult.

Antonio and I do things together that I've never done with a romantic partner.  In addition to running, we golf together, we've gone fishing, I help him with work sometimes, we share a bathroom, and we cuddle on the couch often (Brian didn't care much for physical affection).  It's interesting -- and wonderful -- to see how different relationships work.  I don't look at it terms of "better" or "worse" -- just different.  After all, it is not just my partner that is different -- I am a different person than I was when I was with Brian.  I'm older, wiser (I hope), and forever changed by having been Brian's wife and by becoming his widow.  Now, as a different person, and as an adult choosing a partner (as opposed to growing into one another the way Brian and I did, as high school sweethearts), it is interesting to see how things unfold.  I'm excited to see what other things we will enjoy together in the future.

Right now, I'm just enjoying the view by his side...or from behind when he's wearing his running clothes. 


  1. If you were a boy, this post would be classified as political incorrectness...!! lol :-)

  2. Wendy as a widow of only 5 months I appreciate your generosity in sharing your journey TY