Monday, May 9, 2011

Coming Out of the Closet

I'm going to clean out my dressers and closets this week. I did that this winter, a little bit anyway, before I moved to Austin. However, it's time to tackle this again. For one, I've lost a little weight and a fair number of inches (thanks, yoga and healthy eating!). For another thing, my style has changed. What works in Iowa is not necessarily what works in Texas. Beyond the fact that the heat necessitates a whole lot more cotton summer dresses down here, there is a different aesthetic here. It's a little more laid-back and funky, a little fresher. Also, there are practical concerns. I walk a lot more, so I wear a lot more flats than heels, whereas I lived in heels in Des Moines. I used to love cute, bowling bag-styled handbags, but now I realize I need to get more cross-body messenger bags I can throw on for a mile-long walk to the bars or that I can wear biking around town. Fashion and function must co-exist, at least for the most part -- but I'm still going to keep some stilettos and miniskirts around, believe me!

Anyway, I think this purging of my wardrobe to get rid of what no longer fits my body, taste, and lifestyle will be a cathartic thing and will help me continue to adapt to and thrive within the parameters of my new life. Instead of thinking about what used to work for me or what might be good to keep "just in case," I'm going to focus on what works for me now. Living in the past or the future doesn't work in any realm -- that's no way to live your life or to organize your closet. If something doesn't enhance your life, why give make room for it in your life?

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