Monday, August 30, 2010

Week in Preview

Just to update everyone -- the CORRECT picture has arrived and should be installed on Brian's headstone today! As I've written, it is important to me to be the first to view the finished product of the completed stone with photo -- I think I deserve that privilege. So, I'm off to Muscatine today, probably leaving early this afternoon.

I think I'll come back to the Des Moines area first thing tomorrow morning. I have a friend who has offered his help tomorrow and I have some things I think he'd be great at doing, so I want to take advantage of that! Also, I have friends who are moving tomorrow and might need my help, so I'm hoping I can do that tomorrow night.

I'll be home Wednesday through Friday, but might head to Ames for the Iowa State game on Thursday.

Should be a busy, crazy, intense, but productive week full of work and fun!

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