Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thanks, Readers!

I have had some incredibly touching comments left on this blog, and I wanted to say thank you to those who read and especially for those who comment or who reach out in other ways.  My readers have encouraged me when I was down, offered practical advice in terms of living through difficult situations (including dating!), shared similar experiences and let me know I'm not alone, and have shared with me how I have helped them in their own journeys.  When I read that sharing my journey -- whether in person on a plane ride or through my blog -- has helped other people deal with the circumstances of their own lives (death, divorce, or other), it validates my decision to experience my journey publicly in this forum.  If this blog helps anyone else, then it was worth doing.  Some of the most recent comments are especially uplifting as I'm going through the emotional wringer with the book-writing right now.  Thanks for re-affirming my decision to travel through the grief again on paper.  

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